Writing Services

Every website needs content. Every business, company and brand needs content to function in this technology-addicted digital world. As someone pointed out to me recently – Content is King.

I can write the content you need. Whether it be creating a new story or a branding slogan, a new policy or content for your employees/clients.


Writing takes time. Contact me to take that burden off you and write your content for you. Imagine all that free time you will have to focus on the rest of your business.

Additional Services: I am open to interview, capture, structure and write peoples life stories. I am the voice for those people that have something to say and would prefer that someone else put their enormous amount of stories altogether for them to present. Every story is different and every person has a story to tell. A persons life story is like a photograph. It captures a moment, a memory and leaves a historical account of your life, your achievements, your struggles and your identity. Many people would like to simply have a record of their life in this form to share with their family and friends. Others believe that their life story could be of interest to others, or in many cases inspirational and therefore would like to see their life story published professionally which of course requires editing services, book cover design, internal book design and the decision to either self-publish or scout for a publisher to release and market their story for them.

Research conducted in the area of ‘book biographies’ highlights that it is mostly women that read biographies over the ages of 28 years. Successful biographies, in terms of sales are generally about famous people that have a sound following and fan base. No matter how interesting a story may be, without promotion, marketing and of course the ‘famous’ or ‘known’ factor, no one will even know your story exists. A publisher is looking for a return on their investment and are not interested in anything that does not deliver sales. These are things to consider when making decisions about publishing your life story after I have written it for you.

My latest book release is Faith in our Freedom. All three versions of the book are available now through ebook and Amazon print on demand – Create Space, Lulu and Kobo.

Click on the links below to purchase the books.

ENGLISH: Faith in our Freedom

FRENCH: La Foi en Notre Liberte

SPANISH: La Fe en Nuestra Libertad